About Us

Brian and I met in the summer of 2000, and were married in 2002. We are perfectly matched to bring out the best in each other - opposites in virtually every sense of the word.

After six years of marriage our first baby was born, followed by a few more. Brian works in manufacturing and I recently quit my job as a bookkeeper to stay home full time with our beautiful kids. This past year, I've also taken on homeschooling our oldest - a challenge sometimes, but really rewarding.

Brian is the Fun Dad who throws himself on the floor the minute he gets home from work just so the kids can tackle him.  He's a computer game and comic book geek and is obsessed with passionate about hockey and Lego. He's sweet, funny and affectionate, and his favorite days are spent just hanging out with his favorite people - his family.

Austin Carter was born in June of 2006. On the outside, he's a typical boy - loud, rough, and loves to bug his little sister, but don't let that fool you. He's incredibly perceptive and compassionate, and is always looking out for his little sister and brother. He loves all things "Thomas" (The Tank Engine)

Bryanna Ryan, born October 2007, is our middle child and only girl. Brian calls her his "butch princess" because she is all about pink, princesses and dresses, but will not hesitate to wrestle in the mud with Austin (while wearing a pretty dress). She always has a baby doll within arms reach and would change her dress every hour if I let her. She is a challenging mix of sweet and sass, but after a long day of causing trouble, she climbs in my lap and cuddles till the rest of the day is forgotten.

Cameron William is our newest addition, born August 2009. He was truly the "perfect" baby. Now, however he seems to be the biggest challenge of all. He thinks he's a big kid, and mimics everything the older kids do: from crafts to sass to running and jumping - he's their biggest follower and fan.