Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

The kids were up bright and early on Christmas morning, excited to see the goodies Santa had brought and he didn't disappoint. (And I just realized I didn't take any pictures - just video.) They all recieved the gifts they hoped, and a few more too.
My Mom & Dad, Tim, Yuli and Dan showed up for brunch and to check out our gifts.
After a few hours - and turns taking naps we went back to Nanny's for the traditional turkey dinner, then to Mom & Dad's to exchange gifts.

I think everyone's favorite gift was the car trays Mom & Dad made for the kids. Each one was different - designed specifically with that child's interests in mind. They will come in really handy on our upcoming trip to Florida!

Cameron's has a racetrack and cars and a magnetic Santa - his idol!

Bryanna's included dress up princesses and a knitting loom.

Austin's has a lego mat and a notepad full of Star Wars jokes. Obviously he thought they were pretty funny!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Night

I've probably said this every year, but my favorite part of Christmas has always been spending Christmas Eve at my Nanny & Pappy's. There's always an abundance of munchies, and we sing carols until the wee hours then exchange gifts.
I had full intentions of taking amazing pictures, even using my flash and softbox to compensate for the poor lighting. BUT Bryanna and Cameron both had fevers and spent most of the night cuddling in my lap. Brian did his best though, and I'm grateful for the pictures he was able to get even if the lighting was bad.

Thanks again Nanny for an amazing night!

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Christmas Eve

Last year we started a new tradition of opening our gifts on Christmas Eve morning. It works out perfectly - the kids have something to do while they wait all day to go to Nanny's party AND they appreciate the gifts of clothes, books and small toys that would otherwise be lost in the shuffle once Santa leaves his gifts.

Some of their favorites were hockey equiptment for Bryanna & Cameron and new skates for Austin.

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