Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flying High

This weekend, Aunt Theresa and Uncle Dave invited Brian & I for a ride in their airplane. It's been Uncle Dave's life-long dream to fly, and he got his licence a few years ago. The 4-seater plane is from the 60s, and looks like a vintage car inside - complete with red leather seats.

It was really cool to hear the other planes & towers on the radio.

Look out- Aunt Theresa's flying!

All we could think about was how lucky we are- how many people actually get to go on a private plane ride, let alone with a pilot you know & trust?

Thanks guys, we had a fantastic time!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who knew

That a few props could be so much fun?

Cowboy Party

For Cameron's birthday we decided to take advantage of my Mom & Dad's farm and do a cowboy theme. Once again, we went way overboard so we could use it as a showcase for our business.

Everyone dressed in their cowboy best:

Jenn and I even set up this cute photo area: (many more pics to follow)

We started the party with pony rides (Thanks Daddy!)

Then played a game - the kids had to ride the horse and used a hula-hoop to lasso a "cow"

Next up: Three-legged race!

Finally it was time for cake. The wind kept blowing out the candles, but I don't think Cameron minded.

He was so cute and was sure to read each card carefully before opening the gift. He was thrilled with all his gifts- even clothes got an excited "wow!"

 Thanks for coming everyone! We had a blast!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dear Cameron

I can't believe you're three years old today. You're getting so big!

You think you're a Big Kid and should always be allowed to do everything the Big Kids do. Except sleep with them - you still refuse to sleep anywhere but on my arm.

You still pinch my arm too and we're working hard to break the habit.

You love Elmo (WaWo) and your current hero is Santa Clause (HoHo).

You want to do schoolwork like the big kids too, and ask me for directions while you colour at the table. In the last few weeks, you've been showing interest in letters and writing your name (lines and circles).

You're a fearless climber and would spend all day on the swing if you had the chance.

Your best friends are Hanna and Sawyer.

You think leaving Nanny & Pappy's house entitles you to at least a handful of jelly-beans.

You have the cutest grin and heartiest laugh I've ever heard.

Happy Birthday Cameron. We love you sooo much - Just please don't get too big too fast!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


One of our favorite summer activities is going to the rodeo. It doesn't show in this picture, but the kids loved it!

As usual, they all participated in the calf chasing. A few calves are let loose and the arena full of kids chase them and try to get the ribbons off their tails. Poor calves must be terrified!

When it was over, Cameron emerged from the chaos with a prize! We didn't see him get it but since he was the littlest one out there we assumed the rodeo clown took pity and gave it to him.