Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We went on a daytrip to a local zoo with my Mom, Aunt Patti-Lynn, Michelle, Jenn, and all 9 kids. It was a pretty rainy start, but cleared up by lunchtime. We enjoyed a yummy picnic while the kids played in the playground.

All the big kids:

Aunt Patti-Lynn caught a baby duck. The poor mama duck was waiting nearby - rather impatiently for her baby to be released.

The ball pit is always a favorite.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Austin & Bryanna started soccer today! This is a new association - much cheaper & smaller than the one Austin played with a few years ago. It has more of a soccer camp feel since they spend most of the time working on skills (which they should) as opposed to just playing games. They do scrimmage for part of the time, but I think the kids prefer the skill games anyway. The groups are pretty small & there's lots of one-on-one training going on.

Technically, they should have been on the same team, but Austin was so much bigger than the 4yr old majority that he was bumped to the next level. He was thrilled to be playing with the 1st and 2nd graders, though he has a tough time understanding the coaches' accents. (Did I mention they're from the UK?)

Bryanna wasn't as thrilled about him moving to the red team....

But she got over it pretty quickly.

Cameron was excited too...until he realized he wasn't playing too. We make sure he has his own chair, water bottle & treat. He was pretty happy to kick a ball along the sidelines.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dance Recital!

Bryanna & Gracie had their first dance recital yesterday. Bryanna (who doesn't stress about anything) has been worried for days about forgetting the steps.

I think finally getting to wear her costume, and having me fuss with her hair and makeup was enough of a distraction that she almost forgot about the show!

**Warning: Upcoming picture overload!** 
Bryanna rarely smiles pretty for posed pictures, but when I asked her to show me some of her dance moves she produced lots of pretty smiles and poses. (There were still way more goofy ones though.) 

Finally, it's showtime! Bryanna is 1st from the left, Gracie is 2nd on the right.

We`re so proud of both our girls. Great job!