Monday, February 27, 2012

So Right, and yet Sooo Wrong.

Brian took Austin & Bryanna for a ride to Nanny & Pappy's house. This is their actual conversation:

Austin: Dad, Where are we going?

Bryanna: Gramma's!!!

Brian: To the moon.

Austin: No we're not. The moon's in space and it's too far.

Brian: Then we're going to mars.

Austin: We can't. Canada doesn't have rockets.

Brian: (Thinking: Hmmm, I guess he's right. Canada doesn't have rockets.)

Bryanna: No, but Jack can build one!

Brian: (Laughing) Umm, no Jack doesn't build anything. He sells cars.

Bryanna: The ones Pappy makes?

Austin: And Uncle Matt.

Brian: Yup. And me too.

Austin: No Dad. You make money.

So to sum it up: Jack isn't handy (sorry Jack- Brian's words), Pappy & Matt build cars, and Daddy works at a mint. Thank goodness the ride is short.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Science City

The kids had the opportunity to attend another field trip last week, this time to a local science center. I use that term pretty loosely. It wasn't comparable to a "real" science center, but was fun nonetheless.

They started with some free time to explore the ahem, many areas. I'm pretty sure the girls with attitudes are not arguing about the effect of toxins on our ecosystems.

These dinosaur bone puzzles seemed to be a hit with our clan, and we were assisted by a young girl who knew everything about dinos and was happy to educate us. And no, she didn't work there.

This is my favorite picture of the day- Hailey staring down a stuffed owl. She was pretty disgusted.

Next, we headed over to the lagoon area to see a few critters. I'm always impressed with how nicely our brood sits during circle times, especially when they see some of the other (older) kids jumping up & yelling to get noticed. Hand-raising is still good etiquette, even for homeschoolers.

After raising his hand, patiently waiting to be picked, then correctly answering a question about snakes, Austin got to hold one. I still can't believe he actually held it!

Finally, we finished our visit with a fossil dig. See all those white specs in the sand? They're "fossils". Pretty amazing they each found one, right?

After that, the younger ones got antsy so we skipped the last lecture and headed to McDonald's for lunch. It was a fun break from our regular routine.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

With really mild temperatures making outdoor play impossible, it's been a pretty dull winter. With that in mind I decided to throw a small Valentines Day party for all the kids. Michelle, Jenn, and my cousin Melissa came over with their kids to exchange valentines and treats.

Naturally, we took the opportunity to showcase our party-styling abilities. (Did I mention Jenn and I started doing parties professionally?) I was able to re-use many decorations from past parties (remember Bryanna's Strawberry Shortcake birthday?) and re-purpose some other stuff I had around the house.

The cupcakes were made by Gracie & Hanna, and Jenn brought more treats to fill our table.

Ohhh, I am so in love with these straws. Aren't they pricey pretty? I won't lie- I considered taking them away before they could be used.

I came across some great ideas for valentines on pinterest and this one was perfect for Austin. Little super heroes made of suckers! He did them all by himself, with the exception of attaching those darn masks.  

Cameron "helped" make these kisses out of rice krispie treats.

I just realized I don't have any pictures of Bryanna's valentines. And they were so cute! She glued a heart shaped chocolate to a pink paper, then drew legs, eyes, spots and antenae to turn them into "Love Bugs". And she signed her name on every one.  

They broke out into an impromptu game of ring-around-the-rosie...

We set up a relay game in which they had to use a spoon to move smarties to bowls across the living room. Check out these champs:

Miss Hanna was really focused. She was MVP on the winning team!

Liam was much more interested in searching for fallen treasures than playing the game. Lucky for him, there were plenty!

Sawyer & Payton enjoyed having the toys to themselves while the other kids played the game.
Thanks for coming everyone!