Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cameron's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Cameron's birthday on Sunday. Usually, I like to host parties at home but we would have been stuck indoors so we decided to have the party at Nanny & Pappy's house. We spent most of the day poolside, soaking up the sun.

We had a minor major scare when the kids were playing at the play center and Cameron fell off the slide. Austin, being the best big brother ever, yelled from the top of the slide for help, then raced down to make sure Cameron was okay. He was a bit scratched up, and hurt his lower arm - we were afraid it may be broken. Luckily he was okay, and we didn't have to ruin his party with a trip to the ER.

After a short nap with Hanna, he was ready to open some presents!

 The kids spent the rest of the night playing with Cameron's many new toys while most of the adults enjoyed a game of volleyball. We didn't play any party games, instead choosing to swim and play with bubbles, punching bags & disfigured balloon animals (Hey, at least I tried!).  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jungle Cake previews

Coming soon...Cameron's 2nd birthday party.

Movie Night

Uncle Chris & Aunt Tina invited all the kids over for a movie night. They set up a huge screen, and used a projector to show The Fox and the Hound. It was like our own private movie theatre, only more comfy! All the kids showed up in their pjs and cuddled up in their blankets with treats galore.

We had a blast! Thanks Uncle Chris & Aunt Tina for an awesome night.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Splash pad

We went to a splash park on Saturday. The first thing Brian did was sit Austin & Bryanna with all the other kids. I don't think he expained why they were sitting there....this is how we imagine it played out:
**I took the liberty of marking my kids with lovely green arrows**

Austin: Wow, look at the big tomato!
Bryanna: Huh?

Austin: Wow! Look at how big it is!
Bryanna: Oh, crap.

Austin: Cool, we're gonna get wet- hey, where are you going?
Bryanna: I'm outta here.

Austin: Bryanna- come back!
Bryanna: Humph.

Austin: That was cool!
Bryanna: Yup. Still dry!

Eventually they both sat & endured the wrath of the huge tomato together, countless times. Cameron was very happy to stay (far) away and play by himself.