Monday, July 11, 2011


Last weekend, Brian made the decision to shave his head- and has been paying for it since. Despite warnings and offerings of sunscreen, he acquired a severe sunburn. When we left for vacation he was complaining that his head felt a bit swollen. By the time we reached the cabin, his forehead was protruded a few inches. He looked like a caveman.

Of course, wearing his hat all day didn't help - it just drove the swelling down around his temples. His glasses dug into the sides of his face, but he refused to see a doctor.

The next morning it was clear that the swelling wouldn't go down on its own, and on the advice of a registered nurse (who was convinced it was a reaction to a bug bite*), we trekked into town for Benadryl.

Over the next few days, the swelling subsided, and was replaced with a lovely peeling scalp.

* I later googled forehead swelling, and it seems pretty common after a sunburn to the head.

That'll teach him not to cover his head when in the pool!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Camping - Day 4 - Homeward Bound

We spent the morning packing up, then with heavy hearts and crabby exhausted kids, embarked on the long ride home. We stopped to visit the visitor's center at a provincial park to stretch our feet & use the washrooms (I have to admit, flushing toilets were luxurious!) We thought it would be a good idea to walk a short trail to see some rapids, but we were wrong. The trail's length wasn't posted, and we walked for about half an hour before giving up. The kids and I waited on a rock while Brian ran up ahead to see if we were almost done. He returned after about 20 minutes, breathless from the rough terrain.

We turned around. Bryanna's feet were so swollen from bug bites that she had to carry her sandals after only a few minutes and Austin was just too crabby to enjoy the walk. Cameron was happy, but then again, I carried him the whole way back to the van.

We had a quick fast-food dinner, then drove on, making it home sometime around midnight.

Thanks Mom & Dad for hosting such a great vacation. We can't wait to go back!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Camping - Day 3

Bryanna woke up a few times through the night crying about her mosquito bites. This time we had the itch cream ready to soothe her back to sleep and everyone slept in relatively late.

We hiked (yet again) to the van and ventured to a sandy beach. It was a beautiful day, the sun sparkled on the calm water. Dan & Shay canoed down from the cabin, and made it there before us. The water was so shallow that we could almost walk to the opposite river bank.

We used another water jug to catch the minnows that came right up to the water's edge, then to build a sand castle and fill its moat.

Later, my Mom and I took Bryanna out for a short canoe ride to check out the nearby beaver's lodge. We were greeted by a few annoyed beavers, and got close enough to hear the babies. Just as I was about to compliment Bryanna on how quiet and still she was sitting, she started to lean. Turns out, she fell asleep!

Needless to say, she was in bed early.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camping - Day 2

Day 2 started bright early, Cameron woke up before the sun, crying in discomfort from his many mosquito bites. We waited in the tent for the sun to come up, or the rain to stop, whichever came first. Of course his crying woke Austin & Bryanna and we were up and starting a campfire as the sun came up. Luckily, the rain had ceased and everyone's moods improved after a breakfast of campfire bacon & eggs.

Fishing with a water jug was first on the agenda...

Then a canoe ride with Dan & Shay...

Then an adventurous hike along the ravine with Dad & Pappy while Nanny & I set up our new (larger) tent.

Later, we hiked back to the van and drove to town for ice cream and some Benadryl for Brian (But that's a whole other blog post!)

My Dad and I ventured out for a nice long paddle after dinner. The glassy water and the soft splashing of paddles always feels like coming home. I forgot how much I love being out on the water.
Back at camp, the mosquitoes were horrible and despite using bug spray, the kids were eaten alive. It was a long & tiring day, and we welcomed the darkness with a nice smoky campfire, cold drinks, a freshly inflated mattress and a mosquito-free tent. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camping - Day 1

This morning at about 5am we set out for what the kids thought was a "picnic". After about 8 hours of driving, Austin started to wonder how much longer this picnic could take. Luckily, we were almost there. We pulled off the highway and parked in an overgrown driveway to look for a nice place for a picnic.

Just as we opened the van doors, Nanny & Pappy came walking out of the woods. The kids were shocked! They knew my Mom & Dad were gone up to their "cabin in the woods" but had no idea that we were going too! I pulled out their carefully packed backpacks, and we embarked on a long hike to the rustic cabin.

There's a steep hill in front of the cabin that leads down to the dock. Rule #1 was the kids had to wear a life jacket before going down the hill.

We set up our tent inside a screened-in-room to provide added protection from pests (bears & mosquitos) then cooked up some grub- sausages, potatoes & onion simmered in beer. Yummm.

It rained a bit after we went to bed, but our second roof kept us nice and dry. It also kept us from being eaten alive by mosquitos- there were no signs of bear activity. I laid awake all night listening for animals with no luck.