Friday, March 18, 2011

Kids say the funniest things

Austin: Hey mom! Wanna play babysitter?

Me: Sure. What do I need to do?

Austin: need a baby....and a chair.

Me: And I sit on the chair and watch the baby?

Austin: Noooo. You put the baby on the chair. (He may as well have followed it with a "Duh, Mom!")

Clearly, we don't have a babysitter.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maple Syrup

Our homeschooling group hosted another field trip yesterday - to an old maple syrup farm. This time, Jenn and the girls joined us.

The historic site featured a 170+ year old homestead and farm where we learned how maple syrup was made back in the old days. There were lots of hands on activities:

I always love seeing the younger ones sit and pay attention like the big kids. Here, they're sitting in the kitchen watching our guide make maple candy.

After the tour we had time to explore the park on our own. I think this was Cameron & Hanna's favorite part. They loved running from one building to the next.

This was a field trip I'd highly recommend - our guide was awesome, and engaged even the youngest kids with pretend play, stories and songs.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

O Canada

With Yuli getting her citizenship last week, it was only fitting to throw her a Canada party. Naturally, costumes were a must.

We arrived with our Olympic medals and Canadian flags waving - Brian and I were Team Canada hockey players, Austin and Bryanna were a cowboy and cowgirl, and Cameron's Don Cherry costume was a hit.

As for everyone else, we had lots of hunters, lumberjacks, maple leaf apparel and red and white wigs.

But I think the best costume award had to go to my parents:

Though I'll admit Steve, who arrived late in mock protest was also a contender:

What a night! We all had so much fun - and proved that we'll use any excuse to dress like a bunch of crazies.

Congrats again Yuli!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Friday

Friday night, Brian and my Dad went to the hockey game (Brian's birthday present).  While he was out, I got a jump start on our weekend project by removing these bricks from our dining room floor.

A few years ago we removed the wood stove that sat on this platform, but have always been afraid to pull up the brick, not knowing what was under it. We've had more than our share of problems with this house and have learned that anything that doesn't look good is hiding something worse behind it. 
Much to my surprise, the brick was merely cemented to the floor and was not a hiding a hole to the centre of the earth, or a tunnel connecting to the sewer - neither of which would have surprised me in the least.

And what were the kids doing while I was so busy?

Milking a cow, of course!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brian's spelling lesson

This is the actual dialogue from our dinner table earlier tonight:

After quizzing Austin on the spelling of "Mom", "Mud", "It," "Own" and "Canada", Brian figured he'd really stump him. (This is a nightly ritual at our house)

Brian: Ok...How do you spell "USA"?

Austin: Hmmmm.....Ok.....U.....Y-O-U.....

Brian: No, not "Y"....

Me: Um, honey...He spelled it right - "You" is spelled Y-O-U!

Brian: Oh, right. Good job Austin.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Honey!

We celebrated Brian's birthday at my parents' house Sunday night. Naturally, I made him a Lego cake, but it didn't turn out very well - I ran out of colouring and the icing was more hot pink than red. And it was store bought icing - much was too thin and ran down the cake. But it tasted good, so we won't complain.

Talk about spoiled - he received all of his favorite things: Homemade cookies, movies, scratch tickets, an I-tunes gift card and, drum roll please.... to the next Oilers game! You can bet he's counting down the hours.

Even though we gave him his gift on Sunday, I made his favorite dessert (7 layer rainbow jello) and he got to blow out the candles once again.

The kids and I gave him his cards - the kids made theirs this morning. Austin wrote "DAD AUSTIN LOVES YOU" without any help, and Bryanna wrote her name for the first time. (Or at least the first mostly legible time.) Cameron drew a nice picture scribbled on his.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yay Yuli!

This morning, the kids and I went to witness Yuli (my brother's girlfriend) take the oath of citizenship. That's right, she's finally an official Canadian! (She was born in Columbia)

It was funny trying to explain to Austin and Bryanna what was going on. I basically told them that since Yuli wasn't born in Canada like us, she had to go to a ceremony to become Canadian. I don`t think they quite got it - Bryanna congratulated her with a cry of ``Yay Yuli! You WON!!!`` and Austin later told Brian that #we went to see Yuli get married. I`m not sure who he thought she was marrying since Timmy was sitting with us, but I had to explain again that she`s not married - just CANADIAN.

Congrats again Yuli, and thanks for letting us witness such a big day for you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Last night, Gracie came over for her first sleepover! 

I was a bit uneasy about how she would do overnight (she still sleeps with her mom most nights) but she did great. She arrived in the evening with her backpack and sleeping bag in tow.

For a special treat, we made.... cream! (Fill one baggie with milk, then place inside a larger baggie filled with ice cubes and rock salt, then shake till frozen. Hint: I add a bit of instant pudding mix for flavour and to help it thicken faster)

After our chocolate indulgence we watched a movie or two then went to bed. Gracie did great - she slept with the kids until about 5 am, when she (along with Austin and Bryanna) woke up and came to sleep with Brian and I. Naturally the bed was a bit crowded, but Brian moved down to Bryanna's bed and the four little monkeys slept wonderfully until morning.

Overall, it was a fun night for all of us.