Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How wii do it

Last weekend we bought a wii - perfect for family fun and highly addictive.

Austin and Bryanna love the running....

...And Cameron loves copying them!

Bonus for Mom & Dad - it burns off some of that excess engergy!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I really did it this time. Brian's on the dreaded afternoon shift, and in the last month or so, we've exhausted our cartoon collection. And so, in an effort to preserve my sanity I put on Pirates of the Caribbean. I wasn't sure it would hold everyone's attention, but figured we'd try anyway.

All three kids were fascinated with the period costumes, ships, soldiers and of course, Captain Jack Sparrow. It wasn't until we were a bit into it, that I remembered how frightening some of the scenes could be- but they seemed to enjoy it, so I figured I'd just fast-forward through the more intense scenes.

All was well until the bad pirates invaded the town. Just when I was about to skip past the invasion scene, I noticed that poor Austin was hiding in his sleeping bag, sobbing. It wasn't until I pulled him into my lap and tried to explain that it was just a silly movie that I realized the true nature of the damage I had done.

He sobbed about a baby with no mom or dad. Turns out, ( I actually checked after they went to bed) there's a two second shot of a toddler, who looked a lot like Cameron, crying for his mom just before the pirates invade. He wasn't afraid of the pirates....well he probably was, but it was his concern for the baby that brought him to tears. I tried to explain that it was only a movie, and the pirates and baby were just pretending - and when they were done they all went home safe and sound to their respective families. He was still doubtful but eventually calmed down. And I immediately turned off the movie (he'd surely have a panic attack if he saw the pirates in the moonlight!) and replaced it with a safer cartoon.

Similar story:  About a year ago, we tried to watch Tarzan (another Disney cartoon). The opening scene is a tiger that's about to get baby Tarzan in the tree house. Obviously he doesn't, but Austin wouldn't watch long enough to find out. He was sure the baby was going to be eaten and he took off running. It took quite a few tries (and a lot of tears) for him to get past this scene and enjoy the rest of the movie. To this day, he won't watch that opening scene.

Lesson learned. And I'm very thankful to have such an empathetic son who is so protective of not just his own siblings, but all younger kids.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Poor Kid!

Thank Heaven!

I think we're finally over our colds - runny noses aside, of course. I didn't think I could stand a houseful of crabs (myself included!) for much longer. Cameron was especially horrible clingy and whiney but it turns out he had a really good reason - when I looked in his mouth today, he had cut no less than eight teeth in the last week!

That`s right, E-I-G-H-T! Two on each side, top and bottom. No wonder he was cranky!

I may be sleeping...

...But I'm still mad.

Okay, I don't think he was mad, but he sure looks it!