Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple Picking Day!

Today was another very busy day for our household. We did our schoolwork before Austin went to Aunt Patti-Lynn's for school and Bryanna, Cameron and I went to Jenn's. After we picked up Austin (whose theme for the day was leaves) we came home, rushed through lunch, woke up (a very sleepy) Daddy and went for a semi-long drive to the apple orchard.

Jenn, Gracie, Hanna, Michelle, Mike, Sawyer, and Baby Payton met us there.

 Poor Brian worked midnights last night, but was a trooper and woke up after only 3hrs of sleep. Obviously, he was no worse for the wear.

 Looks like Austin's conducting some sort of pumpkin patch class!

Once we finished eating picking, we played in the farm's playground and straw-filled barn.

We got home with just enough time to clean up & go to a restaurant for Danny & Matt's birthdays.
We had the whole upstairs to ourselves. Translation: kids running around everywhere! In the midst of all the excitement, we did manage to get a quick picture of all the grandkids.

After a really full day, we made it home by about 9. The kids & Brian went right to bed. As for me? I got to enjoy a few quiet moments (alone!) before waking up poor Brian (yes, again!) for work.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today's post is a tribute to the most often used word in any mother's vocabulary. Can you guess what it is?

And yes, the pink glass of milk was spilled just seconds after this shot....

 Awwww....look! He's just playing with the kitchen....with both feet on the floor......

.....never mind.

And yes...the front of the fridge was thanks to him too!

None of these pictures were staged - this really was just how my day was going! After chasing him all day, I finally grabbed the camera and literally shot non-stop (amid the NOs and keeping him from falling) for a total of five minutes. I guess it's no small wonder that I'm beat.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Playing with texture

I am far from a professional, but I had to show some editing I've been playing with lately. If anyone of my photographer friends have any pointers, Please Share!!!

Everyone else, enjoy!

 Original  Photo

Cropped & adjusted colours 



Thomas the Tank Engine is a common source of problems in our house. Austin takes out his trains, arranges the tracks just so, then Cameron appears and wreaks king-kong sized havoc on the island of Sodor.

It's hard - A is very particular about his trains, and how they are to be played with, while C just wants to play too. The obvious solution is to allow A to play alone which is much easier said than done.

Anyway, a few days ago, Austin came up with his own solution. He was playing with his trains all by his lonesome when I heard him say "Come on, mister" from the bedroom. When I looked up, he had picked Cameron up by the back of his overalls and was carrying him superman style! I couldn't help giggling as I reminded him that he can't carry his brother, and that he may get hurt if he dropped him.

Sorry, no pictures this time (although I'll keep my camera handy - just in case it happens again). I came close to asking him to do it again so I could get a shot, but decided it wasn't worth the risk.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pooping out...More from our daytrip

 It's inevitable that when I take the kids out all day, someone will get tired. We were very fortunate that none of the kids got cranky. Not ONE! In fact, they were all amazingly good all day.

BUT that's not to say they weren't tired.

 Taking a break...

 This grass was so inviting, Bryanna thought she'd have a nap.
 Gracie joined her.....

 So she tried the stroller. She's not sleeping...trying hard though!


 Poor Cameron!