Sunday, June 20, 2010

Austin's 4th Birthday

Today we celebrated Austin's birthday. I can't believe he's four already! Typical Austin, he's been saying he wants a "Thomas" party for the last few months. We had Thomas the Train hats, decorations and I even made a Thomas cake.
I should explain that I've made a tradition of making really special birthday cakes. I'm not artistic or crafty in the least, but somehow I always manage to pull it off. It was really hot this weekend, so the icing kept melting, but Austin didn't seem to care - as long as it was Thomas, he was happy. When he first saw it, he said "WOW! But....."
I waited for the worst. He was disappointed. Surely he'd noticed that Thomas' smiling face had melted off, and all the lines were drippy.
".....But Thomas doesn't have a 4...he's number one!" Overcome with relief, I showed him that Thomas did indeed have a 1 on this side, and explained that the car he pulled said "YAY Austin is 4!" He grinned, complimented the cake again and ran to play with this trains. He had a great day :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our first cross-country road trip

Brian was raised in Camrose, Alberta and his parents, sisters and their families still live there. We were lucky enough to fly out for Christmas a few years ago, but this was the first time we attempted to drive. Three kids under four and about 40 hours of driving...sounds like fun doesn't it?

Actually, it was! We left at about 11pm and drove through the first night so the kids could sleep. We made it as far as Sault Saint Marie before they woke up. We took our time driving and stopped as much as we wanted. When the kids got antsy we'd stop at one of the many beautiful picnic areas in northern Ontario, or find a small town with a playground. This got to be a challenge in the prairies since a street with half a dozen houses qualifies as a town on the map! Every time we got out of the van, Brian would run around with the kids and I'd stay back to clean up and put a new colouring book or toy on each of their seats. Of course, the DVD player really helped too.

We spent a full week with Brian's family, and even took a day trip to Drumheller. We climbed inside the "world's largest dinosaur" and visited the hoo doos. We even went across a huge suspension bridge and climbed the hills on the other side. The picture is me and Austin just before we turned around because he kept slipping and wanted me to throw him a rope!
We had such a wonderful visit and it was soooo nice to forget our day-to-day worries and chores. (Okay, MY worries and chores!) Austin and Bryanna got to play with their cousins Zoe, who is the same age as Austin and Zane, a few months younger than Bryanna. We had a few bonfires at his sister's house and when the kids got tired, they fell asleep in the hammock beside the fire.

The ride home was a little rougher. We drove with rain and storms almost every day and made horrible time. The sun finally came out when we were about six hours from home so we spent the day hiking in Lake Superior Park. We hiked down to the lake to see pictographs on the side of a cliff. We all hiked down (That's the trail behind Austin in the picture below) but Brian and I had to take turns on the cliff because it was WAY too dangerous for the kids. Let's just say it was worth the hike.

All in all it was a great family trip and the kids were awesome - I was so proud.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About Us...

The purpose of this blog is mostly to document our mundane, everyday life. I plan to homeschool Austin in September, and plan to use this as a space to document our progress, fieldtrips, etc.

I'm proud to say that I've recently quit working to stay home with my kids full time. (Though I have to admit I've only worked a total one of the last four years due to three -yes three- maternity leaves.) Brian is proud to be the "sole breadwinner" and I'm overjoyed to be here to witness the milestones my kids conquer each day. New words and first steps are exciting, but their everyday interactions can be just as amusing. Austin pushing Bryanna away from something he deems too dangerous for her, or hearing them shout "good try" and "nice one" as they play baseball in the backyard are some of my favorites. These are the little things that make life as a mother so fulfilling.
Watching my children grow, knowing they're best friends, and hoping that will never change.